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Prepare your company for climate change

It is important that you as a business owner try to protect your business against the events that may occur due to climate change. By being prepared for things like floods and power cuts, you reduce the risk of, for example, destroyed premises, cancelled deliveries and production stoppages.

How might climate change impact your business?

Climate change entails milder and wetter winters, rising sea levels, changes in river flows, longer periods of drought and a greater likelihood of extreme weather events. In practice, climate change may make it more common for entrepreneurs to experience transport disruptions, shortages of raw materials and components and property damage.

How to reduce vulnerability and protect your business

Below are some suggestions for business owners seeking to protect their business and reduce their vulnerability to the events that may occur due to climate change. Further down the page, you will find links to other public authorities for more in-depth information. You can also check if your municipality provides information regarding preparation for unforeseen events due to climate change.