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Contingency plan for shortage of staff

During certain times, many people might be sick, needing to stay home from work. As an entrepreneur you need to have a plan B so your business can continue working if, for example, there is a shortage of staff or a shortage of certain goods or deliveries.

Plan ahead so your business can continue – Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is a way to ensure that your business can continue to function in the event of disruptions. It's about planning so you can maintain your business at an acceptable level, regardless of disruption. Examples of disruptions may be that your staff does not come to work, the premises cannot be used, or that deliveries of important goods and services do not arrive. Business Continuity Management is simply about creating a plan B so that you are better prepared for various disruptions.

Important to keep in mind when creating your plan B

  • What does your business need to function?
  • What can affect your business?
  • What measures do you need to take?

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has produced films that can be helpful when planning and preparing for unforeseen events. The films are in Swedish but you can add English subtitles in YouTube.

Films at MSB:s YouTube page

Film: Being prepared for companies – About securing staff (duration: 1:05 min)

Film: Being prepared for companies – Business Continuity Management (duration: 3:02 min) 

Film at msb.se

Film: Four entrepreneurs from different industries on why they think it is important to work with continuity management


In-depth information on Business Continuity Management

At MSB.se you can find more in-depth information like training materials and guides on how you can plan for staff losses and have a plan B if the unforeseen should occur.

msb.se/kontinuitetshantering (in Swedish)