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Closing a tenant-owner association 

There are different ways to close a tenant-owner association.

A tenant-owner association can be closed by:  

  • Liquidation - usually occurs when members want to become real property owners instead of holders of tenant ownership, most commonly in the case of terraced houses, for example.  
  • Bankruptcy - if the association is insolvent, i.e., cannot pay its debts.  
  • Merger - the association merges with another association.  
  • Striking out (removing) the association - if the association has not had any activities or notified any changes to the Companies Registration Office in the last ten years. If you want to remove the association, send an application to the Companies Registration Office.  

Notify the Swedish Companies Registration Office of liquidation  

When the general meeting decides on liquidation, the association must report the decision to the Companies Registration Office. If a liquidator has been proposed, information about the liquidator, company signatory information, etc. must be included in the notification.

Information from the Swedish Companies Registration Office on how to liquidate and deregister (in Swedish)

Contact the Companies Registration Office for help  

Please contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office for more information about closing a tenant-owner association.  
Phone: 0771-670 670  

Send a message to the Swedish Companies Registration Office