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Closing a branch

When a branch ceases to operate, it must be deregistered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. You also need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency before deregistering the branch.

When must a branch be deregistered?

The branch must be deregistered if the foreign company that owns the branch

  • is placed in liquidation 
  • goes into bankruptcy 
  • ceases its activities
  • decides that operations in Sweden shall cease.

The branch's managing director or deputy managing director must notify the deregistration.

Submit an application as a pdf

Remember to submit the annual report!

The branch is obliged to keep records until it is deregistered. Submit annual report documents covering the time from the beginning of the financial year to the time of notification of deregistration.

The page Closing a branch at bolagsverket.se

How to deregister the business with the Swedish Tax Agency

When you no longer operate a business in Sweden, you must deregister the business from the tax register. Deregistration must be done for F tax, VAT and employer contributions. Deregistration and change of information with the Swedish Tax Agency can be done with the form Ändringsanmälan (SKV 4639).

The page Deregister a non-Swedish business on the Swedish Tax Agency's website