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Eco-tourism companies

Here is some information of use to businesses offering activities or other tourism services centred on experiences in nature.

Other people's land 

Seeking to operate on land owned by someone else? "Turism på annans mark” is a publication that describes how landowners and eco-tourism operators without land of their own can work together. It has been produced by the Federation of Swedish Farmers, the Swedish Nature & Ecotourism Association, Visit Dalarna and the Swedish Association of Landowners, and it also includes sample agreements. 

Download the publication "Turism på annans mark" on the website of the Swedish Nature & Ecotourism Association (in Swedish) 

Activities in nature 

If a company wants to carry out activities in nature, organisers must know the applicable rules as well as what obligations and responsibilities they and their companies have. Organisers can learn more from their county administrative boards and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. 

Find your county administrative board 

What organisers should know about activities in nature (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) (in Swedish)

Protected areas (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

Inform guests about the right of public access (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) (in Swedish) 

Outdoor cooking  

Will your business include outdoor cooking? Industry guidelines exist for outdoor cooking. Industry guidelines are industry suggestions regarding how businesses can organise their operations to meet the requirements of food law.  

Read about and download industry guidelines for outdoor cooking (Swedish Food Agency) (in Swedish)

Safety for service companies  

Are your customers exposed to risks? As a service provider, you have the chief responsibility for ensuring that your service is safe, and you therefore must comply with product safety law.  

Safety for service companies  

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Want to improve sustainability in your organisation? Here we offer information, guides and tools to help. Nature's Best Sweden is a sustainability label for nature-based experiences, and there are other certifications and labels linked to sustainability in hospitality and tourism.  

Nature's Best Sweden (Swedish Nature & Ecotourism Association) (in Swedish)  

Sustainable entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality

Certification and labelling in tourism and hospitality