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Certification and labelling in tourism and hospitality

Here are certifications and labels that may be relevant to your work with sustainability in hospitality and tourism.

Certifying and then labelling your business gives customers/guests confidence that you meet the requirements of the standard. Your company will also receive tools to continuously work with and develop sustainability. A certification is issued by an independent certification body.

The tabs below provide links to certifications, both general eco-labels and more specific eco-labels for the hospitality industry.

More information on certification in hospitality and tourism 

The Agency for Economic and Regional Growth 

There are many certifications, labels, monitoring systems and standards to improve the quality and sustainability of hospitality and tourism. Learn more about what this means at the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. 

Certification, labelling and standards in hospitality and tourism (Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) (in Swedish) 

Swedish Board of Agriculture 

The Board of Agriculture provides information on requirements for organic certification. 

Rules and certification for organic production (Board of Agriculture) (in Swedish)