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Safety for service companies

Do you provide a service where customers are often exposed to risks? As a service provider, you have the chief responsibility for ensuring that your service is safe, and you therefore must comply with product safety law.

Preventive safety work 

For a service to be safe, it is important that you analyse risks and work to prevent them. Safety work must involve everyone in the business and be part of your daily work. 

Learn more about preventative safety work for service providers (Swedish Consumer Agency) (in Swedish)

In the tabs below, we’ve gathered information and links on safety work in the areas of mountain and winter tourism as well as well sports and leisure. This information is aimed at businesses in these areas.

Duty of notification 

Do you run, or have you run, a business providing services where the health and safety of customers may be at risk? You are obliged to notify the Consumer Agency. You can do so by filling in the dangerous-service form. 

Download and fill in the dangerous-service form (Consumer Agency)

As a business owner, you are obliged keep informed of legislation to ensure that you and your business comply with your business’ applicable regulations.