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Checklists, guides and services

On this page, we have collected tools including checklists, guides and services aimed at those operating or who will operate tourism and hospitality businesses.


Our checklists give you a good overview of what is needed when starting a business. The checklists for events, hotels and accommodation, or restaurants provide information regarding what permits you need to apply for and what to consider. After answering a few questions, you will receive a list customised for your situation. 

Checklists for events, hotels and restaurants available here (in Swedish) 


Sustainable business guide 

Our sustainability guide provides tips on how to promote sustainability in existing or new businesses. The information on sustainable entrepreneurship is divided into four sections, and which sections are relevant to you and your business depend, among other things, on whether you sell goods or services, your sector, and your progress in integrating sustainability into your business. 

Sustainability guide (verksamt.se) 

The Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's sustainability guide 

The Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's sustainability guide contains processes for regions, destinations and large companies in tourism and hospitality to implement sustainability work. 

The Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's sustainability guide (in Swedish) 

Safety guide for events (2021) 

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency's safety guide for events provides guidance in organising safe events. The guide is aimed at organisers, public authorities and other stakeholders in the field of events. 

Safety guide for events (2021) from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) (in Swedish) 


Find advice and funding in hospitality and tourism 

In this service, hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs can find different types of support to move their businesses forward. That includes seminars and training courses, and even funding offerings. Contact details for advisers and organisations specialised in your sector are also provided. 

Find advice and funding in tourism and hospitality 

Skyddad natur mapping tool 

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's mapping tool can be used to support those who work with nature conservation issues or land and water planning in Sweden. The service provides a comprehensive overview of protected areas, trails and facilities for outdoor recreation, where and when access to protected areas is prohibited, etc. 

Skyddad natur mapping tool (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) (in Swedish) 

Web service for tourism statistics 

Want to know more about how tourism is developing in Sweden? In the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's online service, you can find statistics on overnight stays, capacity, occupancy and guest countries of origin for hotels, holiday villages, youth hostels, brokered private cottages and apartments and campsites in Sweden. The statistics can be broken down by municipality and by day. 

Tourism statistics (Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) (in Swedish)