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Protect your company

Your business contains many valuable things that you cannot afford to lose. Such as customer registers, daily cash registers, work premises or other assets. You also handle large amounts of information that is important to protect, both for your own, your employees' and your customers' safety. This page contains tips on how to prepare and protect your business.

Protect your company information

If you lose important company information, for example if you suffer a data breach or malicious code, it can have major consequences for you and your company. Common guidelines, routines and different digital services can help you manage information securely.

Protecting your company information

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Safe remote working

Do you know how to work safely when you or your employees are working remotely? We have collected some tips and advice when you work from home.

Safe remote working

Protect your company against hijacking

The risk of your company being hijacked is small, but the consequences can be  massive. Be sure to pay attention to early warning signs and get a digital mailbox.

Protect your company against hijacking

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